We are a company which has operated for many years in thesector of transmission
and reception of terrestrial, satellite television, mobile signal and optic fiber.
Our production consists of a wide range of article able to satisfyall market requests
allowing to realize single and centralizedsystems.Our organization allows us
to accept all requests for productswhich are not present in the catalogue,
and in few times satisfythe request.Our production in the field of the satellite
reception is composed from modular digital satellite receivers for
centralizedinstallations, taps , splitters and plugs in 5-2500 MHz band,
multiswitches and a wide range of items for I° IF-SAT,
transposersand transmitters in TV band and MMDS band.
All that is in the service of our costumers, to whom we give technical
assistance and our technicians' support for the engineering and realization
of any kind of TV systems and for optic fiber.